Prank Payment MOD APK Download

Prank Payment MOD APK

Prank Payment MOD APK Download

Prank Payment MOD APK is an app to prank your friends and family. This app can be used only for fun but not for unethical activities. If you want to have some fone by pranking your friends, try this MOD APK. The details of the app, like its download, installation, features and other information, are in the below article.

What is Prank Payment APK?

Prank Payment Mod APK Features

We all always love teasing our friends about many things. If you want to prank your friend with a fake payment receipt, try Prank Payment APK. This app is used to prank anyone using the counterfeit tickets that you get through the app. This is not texting your friend from a fake account but sending a screenshot of a fake payment to the friend. Through this app, you can edit the realistic receipt and leave no evidence. While using this app, you must remember that the whole purpose of the app is for fun, but it cannot be used for any unethical activity.

About Prank Payment MOD APK:

Prank Payment MOD APK is the mod version of the original app. This app is available on any website, and you can download it for free. It has some additional features compared to the original version. This app is also solely used to prank anyone using fake receipts and transactions. The ticket looks real. It can fool anyone. Even though it is a mod version, there are some rules to using the app. You cannot misuse the app for any illegal activity.

Name of the appPrank Payment MOD APK
Size9.7 MB
Android requirements4.0 and above
Latest updateMarch 27 2023


The features of the Prank Payment MOD APK are,

Free of cost:

The app is entirely free to download and use. Many apps provide fake payments that need to pay, but there is no need to pay to use the app. It is readily available on the website, and there is no price to download

Easy to use:

There are simple ways to use the Prank Payment app. The app is easily understandable and can be used by following the instructions. It is designed in a way that looks like child’s play.n follow the steps and create fake receipts.

Unlimited no.of receipts:

This is an added feature that there is no limit to creating a fake receipt. You can make any no.of screenshots to prank your friend. The app doesn’t stop you from creating the tickets, as there is no limit.

Can share screenshots:

The app primarily aims to share fake screenshots and prank your friends. You can create any artificial transition and take a screenshot of it. Then share it with your friends and prank them. You can use the Prank Payment app only for pranks but not for any illegal activity.

Edit transition receipts:

You can edit the transitions using this app. After editing, you can screenshot them and use them to prank anyone.

How to download and install the Prank Payment MOD APK?

Follow the steps below to download and install the Prank Payment MOD APK.

  • First, open any browser on your Android device and APK.
  • Secondly, open the download link and download the app on your device.
  • Next, save the app on your device.
  • Afterwards, go to the device settings and enable the ‘Unknown source option. This is to allow installation from third-party websites.
  • Next, open an app and install it by clicking on the ‘Install’ option.
  • Wait for installation s complete and finally open the app and use it.


Everybody likes to prank their loved ones. Prank Payment MOD APK is the best app to make pranks on another level. This app allows you to create fake transition receipts to send to your friends to prank them. This app will enable you to create unlimited screenshots and use them for fun. Even though you can edit the transactions, you cannot use them for illegal activities.


Is it safe to use this app to prank your friends?

The app follows many safety measures and is entirely safe to use.

What happens if there is any unethical activity found?

When the app designers find any unethical activity through the app, then they might go to jail.

How many fake transaction edits can we make using this app?

The app allows you to make unlimited fake transactions while using the app.

What is the size of the latest version?

The size of the latest version is 9.7 MB.