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Android & iOS runs parallel with head to head competition; it is not the case with Windows. The air-tight completion pushes the boundaries, iOS excels in the staggering UI & stability, whereas Android shines in the pool of apps choices and customizability. Fake iPhone 5S Launcher is also a launcher for Android that gives your Android device the appearance of an Apple iOS 5 operating system. Although Fake iPhone 5S Launcher also allows you to set different wallpapers (all from iOS 5) and place Apple operating system icons on your device, the truth is that it is kind of a trap.

iphone launcher app for android

This ‘trap’ just that many of the icons placed on your devices, like the App Store or Firefox, do not work at all. Instead, they lead to different websites. With that being said, funny part starts when you have some options to get started with the iPhone launchers on Android! Yeah, you can also get Apple iOS icon packs, user interface and transitions in Android with some equivalent iOS launchers. You are not supposed to stop there; even there also an option to install iPhone apps on Android, well that has many issues which may also or may not work. Let’s explore some of the Apple launcher apps now, shall we? Just like on iOS, you can press hold an app or icon to move them around or create a folder.

iphone launcher apk  for android

Press holding in an open area on some screen brings shortcuts to Effects, Wallpapers, Themes, Preferences, Gesture Setting and more. The launcher also brings apps like OneSearch, memory cleaner and an “All Apps” icon. The All Apps icon shows you all the apps you have installed sorted alphabetically in a horizontal list. Android has tons of customizable options; there are tons of Android launchers out there, that switches the user interface seamlessly. If you are not satisfied, you even have the option to install some of the cool custom ROMs to change the entire OS skin.