Eatventure MOD APK | Modified Features & Install

Eatventure APP

Eatventure MOD APK | Modified Features & Install

Eatventure MOD APK is a restaurant management simulation game towards absolute minimalism. Your task is simple, to open great food and beverage business models to meet the needs of every customer. 

Eatventure MOD APK 

How to install Eatventure MOD APK

There is no single procedure for a successful business; it depends on your efforts. Eatventure is suitable for players looking for a management simulation game with simple gameplay but still engaging. 

In this game, you start your business model from the initial stage and try to develop it through effective business strategies.

More specifically, you will try to become a talented employer in the F&B industry through various content. If you’re looking to start your business from scratch, don’t miss the arrival of this game from publisher Lessmore UG. 

Features of Eatventure MOD APK 

Currently, Eatventure has more than 10 million installs with a 4.7 rating on Google Play, so you can assure of the engaging content it brings. Below features are as follows:

Manage the F&B business model:

Eatventure MOD APK allows players to become small restaurant owners with various jobs. Growing a business early on takes work, as you must undertake many jobs before reaching the development stage. 

Don’t worry, this game allows you to interact with all the activities through simple clicks on the screen. You can efficiently build, manage and upgrade everything yourself in this game. The control mechanism of this game is accessible to any player with simple touches.

 Therefore, you should focus on effective trading strategies and enjoy the results you achieve during the game.

Go through different stages of development:

The development stages in Eatventure MOD APK are uniquely categorized to give players a better understanding of their restaurant business processes. Initially, you start from a modest restaurant with certain trade items. 

It’s time for you to play different roles, like ordering, cooking food, taking customer feedback, balancing returns, and more.

The player’s efforts had rewarded when entering the second stage. You can use the profits to hire more employees, upgrade your infrastructure, or open new stores during this period. At the same time, this is when you focus on the staff management process rather than work in the restaurant.

 In the third phase, all operations in the restaurant are fully automated. You need to develop new growth strategies to increase revenue for your restaurant chain.

Upgrade all activities in the restaurant:

Once your initial profit has reached, you must reinvest it in the unlimited upgrades available. Accordingly, you only need to access the Upgrades section to see all the upgrades for your restaurant. 

Examples include speeding up employee movement, improving cooking speed, serving multiple customers at once, hiring more staff, and more. At the same time, new upgrade stats will constantly appear to help you improve other aspects of your restaurant.

Business model automation:

Business model automation is a step that any player in Eatventure MOD APK wants to achieve. To achieve your dreams, you must develop the most effective business strategies. 

Generally, you must have reasonable resource arrangements, satisfy every customer, open more branches, develop different products, and more. After all the processes are automated, the trading stores will give you the best profits without logging into the game.

Simple, colorful 2D graphics:

You can see that Eatventure’s pictures are more straightforward than other games of the same genre. Players immediately observe all business activity in their store from a top-down perspective. 

At the same time, activities such as cooking, serving, and movement of each customer will also impress you. All are presented very clearly on the screen, along with relaxing sounds that will not disappoint you.

Modified Features of Eatventure Mod APK

Earn money and become a tycoon! 

It is the ultimate goal of the Eatventure MOD APK game. It would help if you expanded your business to make more money. You can buy/build new restaurants and become a millionaire with enough money!

Real-life graphics:

The graphics are so realistic that you feel like you are running an authentic restaurant. You see customers walking into your place, ordering and eating food. Everything is happening in real life, down to minor details!

Natural controls:

The controls had designed to be as intuitive as possible. You will have no difficulty learning how to play the game. You can do everything with a few taps on the screen!

Automate your business:

Once you have enough money, you can automate your business. That way, you don’t have to do everything yourself. For example, you can buy an automated coffee dispenser that brews and serves coffee without your intervention!

Progressive growth:

In the Eatventure MOD APK game, you start as a small-time restaurant with a single eatery. But as you keep playing, you will expand your business and own multiple restaurants. The sky is the limit!

A time management game:

It is a time management game, meaning you must manage your time wisely. There are customers to serve, food to prepare, and orders to take. You must do all these tasks within the given time limit!

Many levels to play:

There are many levels to play, each with its unique challenge. As you progress through the game, the stories become more complex. But if you keep at it, you’ll eventually beat the game! 

How to install Eatventure MOD APK?

Eatventure MOD APK
  • Click on the download link and choose to download the Eatventure APK or MOD file. 
  • Please wait a few seconds for the download to complete.
  • Open the downloaded file and install it by selecting “Install.”
  • Wait for the installation to complete, and the game icon appears on the phone screen. 
  • Click on open it and play the game immediately.


Eatventure APK is a fun and challenging game that will test your time management skills. You manage a restaurant and try to make as much money as possible. The game features realistic graphics, intuitive controls, and progressive gameplay.


Who created EatVenture?

Today, Pocket Gamer Connects talks to Sophie Bruggeman from Lessmore, who created and pitched EatVenture at The Very Big Indie Pitch at Helsinki 2022 and had awarded second place.

How do you end up on EatVenture?

Legendary and Ultimate clothes had been obtained as blueprints through equipment boxes. 

What do Gems do at EatVenture?

Gems are a secondary currency and are more challenging to obtain than cash. You can use them to upgrade the vault or buy boxes. 

How does APK Mod work?

Mod APKs had designed to give users access to new or improved features that were not available in the original version of the app.